Emiko Uenuma "Emi-chan" "Talk without touching the end of the program"

Emiko Uenuma [65], who completed the 25-year Kantele "Keijie Emi-chaneru" on July 24, was on the 1st in Osaka city on the Yomiuri TV "Uenuma/Takada no Kugisuke!" [Sunday 11:40 am Minutes] was recorded and the same program was broadcast on the 2nd.

The program covered the divorce between Anzu and Masahiro Higashide and talked about it, but did not mention the end of "-Emi Channel".

On July 27, three days after the end of "-Emi Channel", Uenuma appeared on ABC radio "Emiko Uenuma's Heart Clear Sky" as a personality. In that, he said, "I'm surprised that the story I am fighting with Kantele is different. I can't sleep at Kantele's feet."

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