Employees of anxiety get rid of,watch for Corona ominous in contact with companies that posture

The new corona virus infection due to the prolonged effects of the first target is invisible, in some cases, the companies are also employees of safety and security measures to protect or response to being chased.

Many companies find the difference between commuting and telecommuting, and for its own measures to take, but the problem is the new corona virus infection from the Prevention of it and it’s often not quite as simple. Telecommuting is prolonged,between employees, when the opportunity is overwhelmingly reduced. Through the Internet, video conferencing and even breathing, to feel this or just heat it, this state continues, the firm sense of belonging to a also thin out. Employee anxiety, to minimize the work environment to ensure and maintenance is necessary.

In the meantime, employees respond to Reputation companies have. For example, a custom-built wooden housing, hand Co., Ltd. Acura home is telecommuting, not to mention from management to employees in a video message for internal delivery, and the motivation of the employees to ensure that on the other hand, 1280 names of all employees,regular or uniform 3 million yen,graduate 1 year of employees or temporary / contract, part-time or 1 million yen of lump-sum grant paid to have done. Also in the future, mobile communication reduction for improving the internal communication aimed at the web drinking provided subsidies also will do so.

Also, the flea market app factors to consider left or right in message view to navigate between messages in Group 2 from January to telecommuting and meeting online, such as a new type of corona virus have been promoting in Japan emergency Declaration, receiving a full telecommuting transitioning. Along with it at home, work environment and online communication, such as for about six months and 6 million of working at home allowance is paid to.

Existing employees, as well as support a new type of Corona Effect in the offer revoked was a new graduate for a temporary emergency to recruitment companies that implement also appear for the first time.

For example, in Japan the birthplace of the hamburger chain”Mos Burger”to deploy the service, and the Kanto and Kinki in the supermarket chain to deploy the full report, pork production, processing, distribution, and sale of Yamagata Prefecture livestock Hirata Ranch, such as this under the circumstances one after another,new graduates for our remedies to take out that companies have.

The government’s response is also not yet finalized and often, anxiety is spreading in the private sector, companies are quickly moving to. These positive and concrete movement, that the companies, as well as the whole society to have a greater positive impact on many would. (Editor in charge:藤原伊織)

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