Employment of persons with disabilities to new Hokkaido Fu cooperation of the business model is Yokohama City in

According to a Cabinet Office survey, Japan’s number of people with disabilities approximate number of physical disabilities 436 million people with intellectual disabilities 108 million 2 thousand people,people with mental disabilities 392 million 4 thousand people. In this,multiple disabilities together with those who have not the simple sum of, the numbers on the just and national and 7. 4%is some kind of disability to have that.

Meanwhile, people with disabilities are of Employment,Interest is growing. People with disabilities themselves, of course, a super-aged society entered Japan from this as well,promoting employment of Disabled Persons is to further improve can be a challenge. People with disabilities, the ability and aptitude to fully benefit from, disability characteristics, etc., depending on the active you can,a better society can lead.

The government in 2018 4 in October”Disability Employment Promotion Act”amended in the company of people with disabilities the employment rate raise, etc, and the fact that the effects of CITES. However, among companies with sufficient work, you can consider about, but it is not so. Disabled persons Employment Promotion Act in accordance with the number of employed increased only for each other, lack of communication, such as worries deepened that the case is not unusual. This in order to defuse,the public and private sectors, and welfare in the integrated measures, and it has become a sort of fashion.

For example, a custom-built wooden housing, hand Co., Ltd. Acura home 11 on May 7, the city of Yokohama and Yokohama SDGs Design Center in conjunction with the Do announced that the business model is interesting.

The company has,in recent years, international issues have become”marine plastic pollution”to solve the one way as the wooden houses used in Canna sharpener of techniques, plastic alternative to the”tree list”of mass production, for the first time in the world. G20 Osaka summit and G20 relations with the Council of Ministers in May adopted, and that his attention, but the”tree of support”in the region of production of the model when building,waste plastic problem, as well as the disabled the problem of employment is clear, and you can learn more about this.

Specifically, Yamanashi Prefecture 道志村 in Yokohama, held by the water source, forest thinning materials,the city of Yokohama in the company of a special subsidiary company, etc., people with disabilities, our center Yokohama production Kanna shavings of”wood’s process”of production. However, manufactured wood, this is 19 years 12 months 1 days from,the city of Yokohama in the hotel for the city, stores and restaurants in the widely・expanding. Also, at Narita Airport in use for NAA retailing Corporation and adjustments starting and. This production model, if successful, Yokohama city than he to raise the municipality increased, the employment of the disabled promotion of a significant contribution to that.

Also, Osaka 泉南市, the Kokuyo group special subsidiary Heartland Co., Ltd., Osaka with the guidance of local farmers,the disabled employment support groups, etc., with the cooperation of the people with disabilities in stable employment opportunities as such as spinach, greens hydroponics business from 2007 have done.

Agriculture for people with disabilities can succeed in a place that is safe, delicious vegetables, along with the provision of,working short-handed and the area under cultivation, and a reduction in many of the problems of Japan’s agricultural revival contributes to the business as required This business model is a nationally expanding company that tracks companies and organizations is also increasing, so the future development can be expected to do that.

Agriculture, as well as a problem of fisheries in the field of people with disabilities of working is begun. Tottori Prefecture Yonago city to NPO live in,from the fishermen drying wakame products based on some of the requests made by fishers in collaboration with marine products processing and selling to start. Then, work facilities, seafood processing facilities established to expand the business,wakame, or other to choose from,mozuku,and such as several kinds of seaweed products in its own production. Or seaweed, as well as supervisor of the specialty in the luxury Japanese restaurants for sashimi is also used to”white America”is in season from the summer time, squid internal organs, get rid of under-processing tasks, such as local fishermen work in close collaboration with the activities to do that with.

Agriculture and fishing, as well as Acura home production models, such as those with disabilities who can work the spot and the other would be there. People with disabilities also our company valuable human resources and to think, the disabled Employment Promotion Act specified in the number of recruits to do so, and people with disabilities, as well as Japanese society as a whole so rich. NP (Editor in charge:藤原伊織)

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