Employment of the continued,strong funding measures and ASO 財相

The government’s Council on economic and fiscal policy is 10 days from it. After the conference, Tada 明弘 Cabinet Office, policy officer is”Taro ASO Minister of Finance from the new corona virus relationship in the last 12 months according to the business scale 26 trillion yen of 総合経済対策 the steady running, and 10 days for the 2nd series of emergency measures to back employment, the continuation of strong cash flow measures and there was talk of,”he said.

Or”ASO Minister of in the future, domestic and international economic developments to show,economic management to assure that in addition to the Variety on the market reaction to come, the G7,the G20 agreement based on the new value you want”as you said.

Civil deputies from the”Department stores, inbound Japanese travel・traffic areas in major depressed have arisen. However, that is relatively leading is intolerable though, for example, the construction of micro enterprises in employment in the strictest terms is coming out. Materials can not reach the construction can not be the situation too. Even in the manufacturing industry supplier’s management situation of the opacity May”and the big impact of the out saying that there was, and.

Some of the private deputies from the”wage tax requirements for mitigation and enhancement. CAREER grant for expansion. Cashless point reduction of elongation and subject to a major expansion for”the proposal was there, and that. Plus”funding, as well as small business personnel changes as this will make it easier to create a mechanism was proposed also”being. (Editor in charge:Forest High 龍二)

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