Energy saving of multiple buildings, recruitment start = Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, subsidy limit is 500 million yen

On the 15th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism started soliciting proposals for an "energy saving project by coordinating multiple buildings." Subsidize construction costs to the owners of houses, etc. in an effort to improve energy-saving performance by coordinating with multiple houses and buildings. The subsidy rate is half of the target cost, and the subsidy limit is 500 million yen.
The requirements of the project are that it is certified by the Building Energy Consumption Performance Improvement Plan of the Building Energy Conservation Law, and that the design primary energy consumption of multiple houses and buildings as a whole exceeds 0.7 times the standard primary energy. Nothing, introduction of an energy management system (EMS) to optimize energy use, reporting and publication of verification of the difference between the measured and assumed values ​​of primary energy consumption for 3 years after the completion of the project, etc. It has become. The targets of assistance are research design costs for introducing EMS, design costs such as simulation of CO2 saving design (excluding general design costs), maintenance costs for energy management systems, facilities that use and supply renewable energy sources, and self-support. Maintenance costs for energy supply equipment such as other supply type heat source equipment, technical verification costs, etc. Equipment for performance reporting is not covered. In the case of a project that spans multiple years, a plan for each year will be submitted, and the construction of the target part will be carried out during the year, and subsidies will be provided in each year.
The application period for proposals is until November 30th.

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