Energy supply resilience legislation enacted renewable energy to the part of the auxiliary data to purchase from the flat-rate aid

“Resilient and sustainable electricity supply to establish a figure for the electricity business Act, etc. for partial amendment to the bill”[Energy supply resilience bill] Is 6 on 5 October by the Upper House of the Diet passed the bill,enacted[Newsletter].

Solar power and other renewable energy fixed price purchase system [FIT] the 2012 data, but the purchase price is a constant demand for power depending on the supply amount is changed so that without the incentive, or demand less electricity for the auxiliary is large and there is also a problem. Therefore, this amendment of the law on the market of electricity trading based on”FIP”system is introduced[Nikkei,Electric newspaper,Yahoo! News].

FIP is the subject of large-scale solar and wind power in the market, the trading price relative to the government financial support to schemes. The auxiliary itself will continue, but at a fixed price for the cost reduction can be expected with.

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