Engine plate with both Prince and Nissan names engraved | Prince Skyline 2000 GT-AII Vol.2


Prince Automotive Industry merged with Nissan Motor.

Shinichiro Sakurai, the director in charge of development, became a Nissan employee and will continue to work on the development of the Skyline.

Prince Skyline GT, which has been selling well, has been renamed Nissan Skyline 2000GT, and its models have been changed to S54A-A and S54B-Ⅲ.

It was simplified to fit on a mass production line, but the look changed gorgeously.

Another major change is the engine room plate.

Nissan's name came to be engraved along with the name of Prince.

融合 The fusion of Prince's passion for insatiable technological innovation and the passion of Nissan, who had dreamed of expanding abroad during the high-growth period, has led to the path of the glory of the Skyline that follows.

The first car was the S54A-Ⅲ, bearing the name of Prince and Nissan.

Nissan's emblem and Prince's emblem are placed on the grill, symbolizing the transitional period of the merger.

Skyline emblem on the hood.

The air outlets below the pillars make the appearance "luxurious".

One of the points to distinguish between type と し て and type Ⅲ.

After S54, the round combination lamp with a tail is established as an image of the skyline.

Uses S54B genuine bucket seats, which have excellent hold characteristics, for ease of use when driving at a constant speed for a long time on expressways. The fabric has been replaced and is as good as new.

Steering changed to RS Watanabe. The horn button has a Prince emblem.

Published: Nostalgic Hero, December 2011, Vol.148 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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