Enhancing the rigidity of the body assuming a level of 200㎞ / h in Europe! | Subaru Legacy Touring Sedan RS Vol.2

The 4WD system mounted on the Legacy is a full-time 4WD that changes the front and rear torque distribution according to driving conditions.

The AT system uses an electronically controlled active split system and the MT model adopts a center differential system with a viscous LSD to enable more precise control and maximize the potential of 4WD.

It has truly world-class driving quality.

足 The suspension that supports this run is a strut with an L-shaped lower arm at the front and a dual link strut at the rear.

Although this does not use a new mechanism, the setting is based on the theme of comfortable handling and a comfortable ride.

The test was repeated and made thoroughly.

In addition, the sporty model RS is equipped with a specially reinforced suspension to enhance driving performance, and the wagon is also available with an electronically controlled air suspension specification with height control.

In addition, the overhang of the rear suspension into the luggage compartment has been considered, which is one of the beauty of the legacy.

The icon on the design is the "stepped" of the rear side window and quarter window. In the first half, the "LEGACY" emblem is attached below the stepped quarter window.

Sporty RS that can be set only for 5-speed MT. The shift knob is actually for the Impreza. Since the shape is almost the same, there is no discomfort at all.

The rear seats are partially graded and have a trunk through mechanism that allows the backrest part [the headrest part to remain] to fall down. RS is not installed.

The area around the rear is significantly different between the first half and the second half. In the latter period, the unity of the rear garnish is increasing, such as clearing the lower part.

There are three types of horizontally opposed 4-cylinder engines installed in the first Legacy: the 1.8L naturally-aspirated EJ18 type, the 2L naturally-aspirated EJ20 type, and the same EJ20 type turbo. Specifications are unchanged in the first half and second half.

Hachimaru Hero May 2019 vol.53 [All the contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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