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This year is coming soon. With the "appetite fall" as an excuse, it's a season to keep eating and getting fat. In September, the Halloween mood quickly changes, and as a writer who likes pumpkins, I'm honestly worried. While I am crazy about pumpkin sweets and sweets that appear one after another, my body shape becomes pumpkin (annual).

In spite of such anxiety of the author, pumpkin pudding appeared from the cooperative dairy industry. It's still August, but I'd like to enjoy the taste of autumn by flying a little.

No caramel! The sweetness and richness of pumpkin continues for a long time

On August 17convenience store"Mito's Hokkaido pumpkin pudding" released at 103 yen (tax excluded). It is said that you can enjoy the rich flavor with a pumpkin exclusively made in Hokkaido.

A pumpkin pudding that you can clearly like and dislike. People like me, who I love, want to fully enjoy the sweetness and richness of pumpkin. Maito's pumpkin pudding is a product that I would like to encourage to such people! Because there is no caramel sauce in it. From start to finish, you can enjoy the taste of pumpkin pudding itself. This is the ideal type for the author who has been complaining for many years that pumpkin pudding does not need caramel. ‥

Fiber feeling as if you are eating a real pumpkin

Contents are 105g and 126kcal.

Smooth pudding is a famous mate, but this pumpkin pudding also melts gently in the mouth. It's a slushy pudding, but it's strange because when you put it in your mouth it reminds you of the subtle sensation of a pumpkin. The taste of the ingredients is transmitted directly.

What he says is that he is particular about creating a "fibrous feeling" that looks like a pumpkin. Certainly, the sticky feeling of eating simmered pumpkin remains in your mouth, so the texture is similar to the real thing. Please try it carefully.

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