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The “Seven Premium” fish side dish, which can be purchased at Seven-Eleven and Ito-Yokado stores all over the country, has been renewed with even more delicious taste.

Enjoy the new "Saha no Shioyaki"! Puffy rice!

A fish side dish of "Seven Premium", a strong ally who lives alone. It is a popular product due to its high quality and the ability to change it at convenience stores.

Three such side dish products of "Seven Premium" have been renewed sequentially from May 2020. "Saha's salt grill", "Gin salmon's salt grill", "Hokka no salt grill" each tasted better, so I tried "Saha's salt grill" this time!

Preservation power because it is chilled

One of the things I thought about living alone is that I have less chance to eat fish.

If you buy and bake fish at the supermarket,Cleaning up is troublesome! Especially, the trouble of cleaning the fish grill is a good reason to avoid fish. And the smell of raw garbage such as bones and skins is also a concern.

There are many hurdles in fish dishes for living alone in Zubora. The most appreciated product for a person like me is grilled fish from convenience stores! I think that the expiration date and the high quality are the strongest.

Isn't the grilled fish in the supermarket the expiration date for the day or tomorrow? But if it's a convenience store, it will last for more than a week!

▼ I bought on June 1st, but the expiration date was June 11th.

After going to a convenience store, it's good to buy it with the idea that "I don't want to eat it right now, but I'll eat it somewhere this week." When you want to eat, just take it out of the refrigerator and warm it in the microwave to enjoy authentic grilled fish.

Cospa is good!

Chin in a microwave oven of 500W for 50 seconds, and meet a grilled hot fish!

There is an image about 2 times smaller than the package, but this "Saha no Shioyaki" is a size that just fits in the package!

Even if it is served as the main dish of a set meal restaurant, it has a size that is not inferior. With this, 268 yen + tax is good for cospa!

Puffy and juicy rice!

Let's eat!

Crush with chopsticks and bite.

The savory taste of "saha salt" that you can feel. The skin is fragrantly baked and there is no unpleasant habit. The oil is refreshing and has no odor. Convenience store quality is too great.

Above all, the saltiness is not strong and it is thin and just right! I would like to have rice and sake, this is!

And because it has no bones, it's easy to eat, and the advantage is that it doesn't produce garbage.

The new "Seven Premium Saha no Yaki" is a refrigerated dish that has been put to sleep to bring out its flavor. This size and quality are uncapped at 268 yen + tax. Since the expiration date is long, it may be stocked for lunch on the weekend ♪

Store: Seven-Eleven
Product Name: Seven Premium
Price: 268 yen + tax
Official site:Grilled mackerel – Seven-Eleven

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