Enterprise IT tools deployment, evaluation of the intergenerational difference at the 20 instead of their 6 divided,50s 3 crack

The AI, including the use of office automation with the widespread use of employee’s creativity excavation of the more important times to have. Companies in the organization, so long as there’s creativity the organization as a whole exhibited one communication between employees of the whole enterprise of creativity that defines the Times said.

Dropbox Japan Corporation in Japan of knowledge workers・companies and organizations of 有職者 800 name of the subject company’s creativity and IT tools concerning the use survey carried out,1 on 24th and disclose the results to the public.

The findings, according to the IT tools used in operational efficiency is on and the answer to who the proportion of about 4% of the 39. Was 3%. Especially in the 20s is communication efficiency improvements tend to feel a strong”work the opponent and collaboration, and was answered,”the percentage of respondents who 56. 8%and 6% of near reach,”business and stress is reduced”is 45. 5 percent.

On the other hand in the 50s, the former is 30. 7% and the latter 31. 7%and lower. Especially the former of the answers in the 20s compared to 26. 1 point of difference. 20s・30s most of the younger generation as IT tools the use of the effect is strongly felt”work the opponent and collaboration,”appreciated the convenience of tend to like.

On the other hand, IT tools by the business to the evils of one,”outside business hours email・chat support increased”37.3%,”it is hard to find”32.0%,”tool too many distracting”30.9%such as a concentration inhibiting the reality, too.

“The tool has too many distracting”and answers your 20s is 37. 5%in senior than 10 points near the lot,the younger generation are negative aspects also felt strongly seems to have.

Also this survey from the creativity that leads to”Epiphany”in order to get the actual site to see it, to grasp the situation can be an introduction to the tools and private time to ensure awareness is high and we was clear.

“Everyone is actively the idea to have responded”Who is 16. 9%and a lower result was higher growth layer 24. 5%,a high level of satisfaction layer 24. 1% and the organization and own the business appreciates those who have the most”new Epiphany”emphasis seems to have.

In the report”the leader of the IT tool plus maximize the impact that young employees to minimising the negative impact should”have pointed out that. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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