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"EOS 70D" equipped with dual pixel CMOS AF was announced on July 2, 2013: What day is it today? -Engadget Japan version

The "EOS 70D" is the first EOS series to be equipped with the "Dual Pixel CMOS AF", which has a shorter focusing time than the conventional phase-difference AF on the imaging surface and has excellent followability for moving subjects.

Today, 2013 is the announcement of this single-lens reflex camera for high amateurs.

Although the sensor size is the same as APS-C, it has improved from 18 million pixels to 20 million pixels compared to the previous model "EOS 60D". Furthermore, the ISO sensitivity that can be set for normal use has been expanded from 6400 to 12800, making it stronger in the dark.

The functionality was also greatly enhanced, and Wi-Fi enabled remote control from smartphones and photo transfer, and the free-angle LCD monitor was changed to support touch panels. It seems that the functions that were used in compact digital cameras and entry models have gradually spread to high amateur models.

By the way, this day is an announcement only. It was actually released on August 29 of the same year.

Main event on July 2

2004, mobile phone with Vodafone optical zoom"V602SH"Released
2013,Canon announces "EOS 70D"
2013 by MicronAcquisition of ElpidaAgreed to
2016,Takara Tomy releases "Sumapon"
2018,Amazon adds "Show Mode" to Fire HD 8/10


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