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Epson redesigned printer for photo lovers with improved blue reproduction

Seiko Epson announced on February 20 two high-quality inkjet printers for photographers who use 9 color pigment inks. "SC-PX1V" for A3 Novi and "SC-PX1VL" for A2 Novi. In addition to a redesigned design, the body has been made significantly smaller, and deep blue ink has been added to enhance the reproducibility of deep blue. Switching between photo black and matte black ink is not required, and wasteful ink consumption when changing paper is eliminated.

The prices are both open, and the expected actual sales prices are in the high-end range of ¥ 80,000 for the SC-PX1V and in the high-end ¥ 150,000 range for the SC-PX1VL. The release is scheduled for May 28.

  • High-quality inkjet printers for photography lovers have undergone a model change. The appearance of the new design is modern and cool. Don't miss the drastically reduced body size

A high-quality printer belonging to the “Pro Selection” series, targeted at professional photographers, photo studios, and photographers. Basic performance such as body design and printing is the same for the A3 Novi compatible SC-PX1V and A2 Novi compatible SC-PX1VL.

  • The design and functions of the main unit are almost the same between the SC-PX1V for A3 Novi and the SC-PX1VL for A2 Novi

The main body has been redesigned to have a straight-line tone to enhance the sense of luxury while being significantly smaller. The small size of the head has led to a reduction in body size. The A3 Novi compatible SC-PX1V is slightly larger than the conventional A4 compatible machine “ PX-G930 '', and the A2 Novi compatible SC-PX1VL is more than the conventional A3 Novi compatible machine “ SC-PX5V II '' Finished compact.

  • The new A3 Novi compatible machine "SC-PX1V" [left] and the old model A3 Novi compatible machine "SC-PX5V II" [right]. The size and design changed drastically so that it could not be considered the same A3 Novi compatible machine

  • Reduced by more than 30% by volume

The distinctive feature is that a white LED is built in the main unit, and you can see the printing from the upper transparent window with the cover closed. You can enjoy the pleasure of boasting works created from the head. The paper feed and output trays are unusually lattice-like for inkjet printers, creating a modern Japanese atmosphere.

  • The feed tray and output tray have a grid-like finish

  • Cool with a modern Japanese impression. A small contribution to the weight of the body

For ink, a new deep blue ink has been added to expand the blue color gamut. It is said that the reproducibility of the dark blue sky and the deep sea has increased. No need to switch between photo black and matte black, eliminating wasteful ink consumption that occurs when changing between glossy and matte paper.

  • There are 10 types of ink cartridges. The right end is the new deep blue ink. For black, select either photo black or matte black and print in 9 colors. You can access from the front if you open the body cover

In addition, when printing on glossy paper, in order to suppress contrast deterioration due to irregular reflection on the surface, a new "black jet mode" has been added, in which light gray is applied to the dark areas to smooth the surface and express black completely in black.

A 4.3-inch touch panel LCD is mounted on the front right side of the main unit, allowing various operations and checking the remaining ink level. When printing, the driver's print settings can be displayed, and a function has been added to print the past 12 print settings as a work reflection sheet.

  • Status display and operation screen

  • Driver information can also be displayed

  • Also has a function to print the print settings at once

As for the roll paper unit, the SC-PX1V compatible with A3 Nobi is built in as standard, and the SC-PX1VL compatible with A2 Nobi is sold separately.

  • Also supports printing on roll paper

  • The roll paper unit is sold separately for the SC-PX1VL compatible with A2 Nobi, but it is a full-fledged design that is difficult for dust to enter

The main body size of the SC-PX1V for A3 Novi is W515 x H185 x D368mm and weighs about 12.6kg. A2 Novi SC-PX1VL is W615 x H199 x D368mm and weighs about 14.8kg.

We are also developing a plug-in application "Epson Print Layout" for printing from Photoshop for iPad. The release date has not been determined.

  • Use the plug-in app "Epson Print Layout" to print directly from the iPad version of Photoshop

A small PC with a design and size also appeared

We have also developed and announced a small personal computer [made by Epson Direct] for photographers who matches the printer announced this time. The height of the main unit is approximately 185mm [including the stand], the same height as the A3-Nobi compatible SC-PX1V, and it is designed to match when placed horizontally. The front cover has a Thunderbolt terminal, USB terminal and SD card slot for easy access.

  • Epson Direct's small PC that was developed and announced. The design and body size were designed together with SC-PX1V

  • Place installed next to SC-PX1V. Although it is this small, it can be equipped with specifications that can enjoy RAW development and printing without stress

The specifications are customizable, but Core i9 and graphics cards [low profile compatible] can be installed. The SSD has two M.2 SSDs and the maximum memory is 64GB [32GB x 2]. Equipped with a large-diameter fan inside to cool high-performance parts firmly. The airflow that supplies air from the bottom and efficiently discharges from above is secured.

  • Open the front panel to access frequently used terminals and SD card slots. No built-in optical drive

  • The back is full of connectors. Equipped with an expansion slot compatible with Low Profile

The body size is W74 × H185 × D220mm. The price is undecided, and sales will start around summer 2020.

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