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Plug code for Cessna

GT driver Tsugio Matsuda who drove this machine with the "Sound of Engine" is, as you know, the owner of the KPGC10.

"The pickup is good, there is little feel and vibration that rotates lightly up to high rotation, and there are no uneasy elements. Since I will be exhibited at the auction from now on, I ran at about 6000 rpm, but from there it is the top feature It's a different dimension from my Hakosuka, and I'm really envious to be the next owner. "

KKPGC10 equipped with an engine directly related to works on the body of a real racing car. The condition of the body and its characteristics are also clear. It can be asserted that there will be no more individuals in the future.

Desby is for works, but plug code is for Cessna. Watanabe was making new attempts to improve performance. Race specifications for plug holes.

Works mechanical tachometer unit for Lucas. A belt was driving the Lucas pump.

The front spoiler for works is thick and has reinforcement in the center.

The mission is 71A divided into 3 parts, and option 2 is set. The ratio is quite crossed, and the blow-up is quite sharp!

The driver's seat is equipped with a Datsun bucket seat. The seatbelt was from TAKATA at that time. The pad is also on the waist. The passenger seat was equipped with a lightweight cart.

A race option of the time, with struts engraved 54303-A220.

The oil pan is set for the dry sump for the first half of Works that protrudes left and right.

Two types of springs are available, standard and SUZUKA. The brake is set on a standard MK63 caliper with a φ280㎜ rotor. The rear uses Alfin drums for Fairlady Z.

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