Equipped with Alpina's intense and brilliant engineering│Test drive on the attention SUV BMW Alpina XD4

SUVs with the silhouette of a fastback coupe are categories that can be positioned as a sports era of the new era, with the entry of Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. BMW, which has taken the lead, is currently developing three models, the X2, X4 and X6.

Among them, the XD4 is the one in which Alpina poured original engineering based on the X4, which is equivalent to the D segment in terms of vehicle class. Currently in the Alpina lineup, there is also the XD3 based on the X3, which has been carefully considered for utility, and there are two model SUVs in the environment.

The engine installed in the XD4 is a 3-liter straight-6 diesel. Speaking of Diesel of Alpina, in addition to XD3, there are D3 based on 3 series and D5 based on 5 series, and all of them are 3 liters straight 6. However, the XD4's engine uses a mechanism that sets it apart from the others, which is also the main feature of this model.

The XD4 is equipped with a "quad turbo" equipped with four turbochargers. The turbine configuration consisting of two units for low pressure and two for high pressure has naturally diversified turbine operation patterns compared to the other model "Vituro", that is, twin turbo, and supercharging according to load is more precisely controlled. ing. It is a premium unit installed in 7 series and X5 in BMW in Europe, and there is no option to purchase other than this XD4 in Japan.

The original tuned XD4 quad turbo delivers maximum output of 388ps. The point is that in addition to the high power of 50 ps or more compared to the bit turbo, the output rotation range is 4000 to 5000 rpm and it is large on the top end side. And the maximum torque is 770 Nm, which is almost the same as the generation range, which is nearly 10% higher than that of Bit Turbo.

The transmission is an 8-stage AT made by ZF, and the drive train is an X drive, that is, 4WD, which can move the distribution quickly and almost 100% according to the driving situation. The XD4 has more distribution on the rear axle side, and it is set on the FR side with an emphasis on turning performance on road. In addition, the rear axle side is equipped with an active LSD that electronically controls the multi-plate clutch and linearly controls the differential between the left and right wheels. It also acts linearly on the side.

The interior of the XD4 is more delicate and fine than the base model. The steering wheel, which has a small diameter and is moderately soft for a comfortable grip, uses calf leather called Lavalina for the outer skin, and it looks like an alpina that fits comfortably in the palm. Of course, it is also possible to configure the tailoring of seats and ornaments. By the way, although the utility is similar to the base model, although the X4 is a low cabin, it has sufficient habitability and luggage capacity to handle weekend touring with 4 adults. Unless you're talking about packing big tools or big suitcases, you'll be well served for your everyday use.

The XD4's dynamic performance is 0 to 100km / h acceleration in 4.6 seconds, and the maximum cruising speed is 268km / h. If you compare it with the grade of Porsche Macan, which is an SUV of the same class, it will exceed GTS and have performance as close to turbo as possible. If you step on the accelerator, the specifications will be fully transmitted. What is especially intense is the 2000-4000 rpm intermediate range, where the 770 Nm of torque that rushes into the accelerator pedal distorts the path and pushes the car body out of the eyes. On the other hand, the growth of power continues firmly up to around 5000rp, and even though it is a diesel engine, it does not give off the feeling of being capped at the high rpm range. In addition, the transparent sound that seems to be a straight 6 is something that I do not think is diesel.

I don't even need to switch between drive modes to handle this intense power performance, but as I put more power through the winding, the legs and legs are not enough. The XD4 is equipped with an electronically controlled damper that changes the rate according to the drive mode, and if anything, you will be actively using the mode for chassis performance. The drive distribution is swung to the turning side, and if you add the differential of LSD, you can imagine a considerably sharp handling, but there is only Alpina, so it is far from colored agility. There is.

The goodness of the product, which adapts flexibly to the road surface even in a sharp response, is firmly held, and its round motion is comfortable even when driving slowly. As it is an extremely powerful SUV, some hardness is transmitted in the low speed range, but as the speed gets on, you should be impressed by its moist footwork. Regardless of the material, I am afraid of Alpina's engineering, which expresses its uniqueness as a ride.

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