Eri Tachibana: An actress like Eri Tokunaga, a beautiful woman in "Nippon Noir"

In the drama “Nippon Noir-Rebellion of Criminal Y” starring actor Kento Gakui [Nippon TV series, 10:30 pm on Sunday], a female detective named De S, who is one of the red, among the criminals who are rough and brutal. Eri Tachibana [26] plays the Takasago Meikai. Tachibana, who has a face as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine “ViVi” [Kodansha], is now part of the serial drama “Rika” [Tokai TV and Fuji TV] starring Saki Takaoka. She has been active as an actress. I asked Mr. Tachibana about actresses who said, “I would like to move forward little by little,” and about future goals.

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