Erika Toda "Scarlet" 20.2% on audience rating

Video research found on the 23rd that the 93rd average audience rating, broadcast on the 22nd of NHK's serial television novel "Scarlet" [Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am] was 20.2% [Kanto area] I understood. The highest audience rating is 22.4% of the 12th.

Set in Shiga and Shigaraki, a pottery village, the story depicts the turbulent life of Kimiko Kawahara, the pioneer of a female potter. Actress Erika Toda [31] starred and made a full-fledged appearance after the second week. In the first time, Yuzora Kawashima plays Kimiko as a child, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere in a poor family setting.

Synopsis: Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita], who came back from Tokyo, was unexpectedly with George Fujikawa [Takashi Nishikawa]. He knew that in order to get the color of the baked potatoes that Kimiko [Erika Toda] had, he had to burn it with firewood instead of glaze. I tell Hachiro that I want to bring out this color someday.

Hachiro, meanwhile, left the art to Kimiko and said he would make a Japanese tableware set.

At that time, the electric kiln in the studio will be broken.

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