Erika Toda "Scarlet" Joji … Also 19.2%

Video research found on the 26th that the 75th average audience rating broadcast on the 25th of NHK's serial television novel "Scarlet" [Monday-Saturday, 8:00 am] on the 25th was 19.2% [Kanto area] I understood. The highest audience rating is 22.4% of the 12th.

The story describes the turbulent life of Kimiko Kawahara, a hero who is a pioneer of female potters, set in Shiga and Shigaraki, a pottery village. Actress Erika Toda [31] starred and made a full-fledged appearance after the second week. In the first time, Yuko Kawashima plays Kimiko as a child, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere in a poor family setting.

The idea was that Shinsaku [Kazuki Kitamura] and his father, Ohno [Magi], would try to treat Matsutake, a promise he had made with Joji, a long time ago, to cheer up with his illness. Then they went to the mountains at midnight. Kimiko [Erika Toda], on the other hand, completed a large plate made by her family, and presented Matsutake rice on a large plate with Matsutake mushrooms taken by Shinsaku. Joji gave his family and friends the last words of wishing happiness, and then told Kimiko his head gently stroking "again" and fell asleep without waking. Kimiko died while remembering his childhood at Lake Biwa when he died.

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