Erika Toda "Scarlet" pine died 19.2%

The average audience rating of the 109th broadcast on the 10th of NHK's serial television novel "Scarlet" [Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am] was 19.2%, and the 110th of the 11th broadcast was 18.5% [both] [Kanto area] was found by a video research on the 12th. The highest audience rating is 22.4% of the 12th.

The story describes the turbulent life of Kimiko Kawahara, a pioneer of female potters, set in Shiga and Shigaraki, a pottery village. Actress Erika Toda [31] starred and made a full-fledged appearance after the second week. In the first time, Yuzora Kawashima plays Kimiko as a child, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere in a poor family setting.

Synopsis: On the day of the entrance ceremony, Kimiko [Erika Toda] sent out Takeshi [Kentaro Ito], who studied at Kyoto University of Art. Takeshi asked Kimiko about Matsu [Yasuko Tomita], "Don't ask me for it," and thanked him, "Thank you for letting me go to college." The university funded the divorced Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita] every month, and decided to call him. When I made a phone call, a female voice came out of the handset and I was upset. When I told Teruko [Yuko Oshima] and Naoko [Nanami Sakuraba] about the situation, she was told that she was an "Answering Woman," and she was foolish. That night, three daughters, including Matsu and Kimiko, came together and talked.

The pine with hand-sewn clothes was shown to Yoko Ohno [Naomi Zazen] at a coffee shop and died as if to sleep quietly. Three and a half years have passed since Pine died, and Kimiko lived alone. Suddenly, a call came from Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita]. Hachiro, who was taken by Teruko [Yuko Oshima], worshiped the Buddhist altar. After that, Kimiko and Hachiro, who were alone, talked awkwardly for the first time in several years. It became a topic of Takeshi and thanked Hachiro again. In the spring, Takeshi graduated from college and returned to Shigaraki.

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