Erika Toda "Scarlet" The long-cherished color … 20.4%

According to video research on June 6, the 105th average audience rating broadcasted on the 5th of NHK's continuous television novel "Scarlet" [Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am] was 20.4% [Kanto area]. I understood. The highest audience rating is 22.4% of the 12th.

The story describes the turbulent life of Kimiko Kawahara, a pioneer of female potters, set in Shiga and Shigaraki, a pottery village. Actress Erika Toda [31] starred and made a full-fledged appearance after the second week. In the first time, Yuzora Kawashima plays Kimiko as a child, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere in a poor family setting.

Synopsis: Kimiko [Erika Toda] told Hachiro [Kohei Matsushita] that he had decided to do so, and started his seventh two-week kiln firing. The whole family went out to pick up firewood day and night. In the second week, Kimiko was pumping firewood, and the wall of the pit kiln collapsed and a flame erupted. Kimiko hurriedly stopped pine [Yasuko Tomita] trying to put out the fire, and continued to burn more firewood. Looking at the finished work, Kimiko came to tears with the color she had expected. It was a moment when my dream came true. Later, she reported to Chiyako that the desired color was completed, and wrote a letter asking him to interview him. Time passed, and Kimiko, who succeeded in firing the kiln in the kiln, turned 40, and was active as a female potter using natural glaze. Takeshi [Kentaro Ito] was in high school for the second year, and it was time to decide his course.

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