Escape poverty with unearned income! Early retirement with an annual income of 3 million yen

◆ Annual income of 3 million yen, early retirement with solar power
Despite my acquaintance's salary of 3 million yen per year, there is a person who earned unearned income and was right before early retirement.

The secret is how to invest in solar power. He owns six low-voltage power plants, and the income from the sale of electricity from the power plants has already exceeded his salary.

Solar power is not a surplus of electricity that is installed on the roof of the house and sold to the power company, but is an industrial solar power station that sells the entire amount of electricity generated [more than 10 kw, Low-pressure power plant with less than 50kw].

In the case of full-volume power sales, a 20-year purchase contract is made with the power company, so at least a 20-year contract purchase price [14 yen / kw in 2019] will be purchased.

Moreover, even if the weather is bad, the power generation does not become zero, so if the bad weather does not continue, you can get a stable income from selling electricity every year.

The running cost is the electricity charge of the equipment [it takes a little electricity to operate], non-life insurance premium, property tax if the land is owned, rent if the land is rented, depreciable property tax of the equipment, management cost [monitoring the equipment] And weeding, etc.], but if you have a remote monitoring system, the communication costs are about 10% of the electricity sales revenue.

The total investment is thought to be slightly over 50 million yen, but of course, it was not entirely acquired by own funds.

The balance obtained by borrowing money from a financial institution and subtracting the loan repayment and expenses from the power sales revenue is approximately 500,000 yen per year per power plant. There are six places, so it is about 3 million yen on a yearly basis.

◆ You can start a business even if you have little funding
But is it possible to lend so much money even with an annual income of 3 million yen? The question comes up. One solution is to use the Japan Finance Corporation. The government office is widely open to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, and anyone can feel free to consult.

It is also a national policy financial institution that supports entrepreneurs, so even a general individual who starts a business for the first time has an unsecured borrowing frame [depending on conditions]. In addition, it is a nice point that, in principle, a fixed interest rate is maintained for the entire period.

Next is the use of local regional banks. Regional banks, by their very nature, have the role of supporting local industries. Therefore, if you live in the area where the bank's branch is located and the location of the property is close to the branch, it will lend relatively smoothly [often].

Even if it is not possible to continue to borrow only with his own attributes [conditions such as annual income], he borrows and obtains his wife [also a company employee] in the name, or expands the credit line by combining the income of the couple. And increased the number of properties.

In addition, there are many companies affiliated with credit companies that handle solar loans, and although credit rates are higher, they are often less strict than banks.

In this way, even if you have an annual income of 3 million yen, there is a way to create a self-owning earner and escape from poverty.

And this is an example of a real person, do you feel a little positive?

Text = Tokio Kodo [money guide]
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