Escape shame remote love dance Yuriko Ishida SNS delight

On the 2nd night of TBS, 3 episodes of "Muzkyun to escape but useful! Special edition" were broadcast. The ending "Koi Dance" was performed with a long version including remote Yuriko Ishida, and Yui Aragaki's "Sazae-san" style next week's announcement was added, which made the fans playful.

Following the intro of the ending song "Koi" sung by Gen Hoshino, the main character, Mikuri, who plays Aragaki, appeared as a two-dimensional character in an apron and asked, "Well, Mikuri-san next week?". Aragaki made a voice appearance to introduce the next highlight, "I want to chase a Dora cat with a fish in my mouth." Next, I called out "Well, next time, share Toko Hajime, what is the share? Mikuri, will it be shared?" "I will share the Rai share again~".

In "Love Dance," Yuriko Ishida joined the remote party, following Aragaki and Hoshino, who performed remote love dance with the surprise last time. A pet dog also appeared in a jeans-like stay-home look. In addition, the making video of "Love Dance" also flowed, and the SNS was delighted as "God Ending".

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