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Esthetic feeling at home! ? All-in-one "Aqua Label Special Gel Cream A (White)" for whitening care for firm and transparent skin

A luxurious whitening care item appears despite being a plastic!

New all-in-one gel cream from “Aqua Label,” a skincare brand that has won the No. 1 sales in all-in-one sales and best cosmetics for six consecutive years"Aqua Label Special Gel Cream A (White)"Appeared!高 It is a high-performance all-in-one with five functions, and provides whitening care. I tried the comfort of being able to get a feeling of satisfaction like an esthetic!

Shiseido Aqua Label introduces medicinal all-in-one gel cream that can moisturize and whiten!

Shiseido Co., Ltd.Aqua label, a skincare brand, is an all-in-one sales no. In particular, many of the aqua label's whitening care items have won the best cosmetics in numerous beauty magazines such as VoCE, MAQUIA, and Aesthetic. A new skin-whitening all-in-one gel cream comes from a skin care brand that combines such popularity and ability!

"Aqua Label Special Gel Cream A (White)" (1 item, 1 product, 90g, tax-excluded, 1,800 yen * Investigation by editorial department, February 21, 2020)Is a high-performance all-in-one with five functions: lotion, emulsion, cream, serum, and mask.

It is a dense medicated gel cream that gives you the feeling of being satisfied with an esthetic treatment by using an inner hold formula that softens, penetrates, and seals the skin.

Also contains 4MSK (potassium 4-methoxysalicylate), a whitening active ingredient that suppresses the production of melanin and prevents spots and freckles. In addition, it contains the essential amino acid WH (moisturizing ingredient), a beautiful skin essential ingredient that contains the ingredient D-amino acid (D-glutamic acid) discovered using Shiseido's unique technology. It provides whitening and moisturizing care easily.

There are a lot of all-in-one items, but it's also worrisome that you can use whitening and feel like an esthetic. Let's actually try it out.

Dense but familiar with the skin ◎ Realizes a comfortable feeling without stickiness

A simple blue jar package.

Although it is a jar type, the cap is not a rotating type, it is a type that can be opened easily and is easy to use. The honest point is that the pump type is still better because you just have to take the appropriate amount with your finger. However, it is a good point that the jar type can be used up to the end.

Texture is dense gel cream. Herbal roses gently incense and make you feel comfortable and elegant.

When spread on the skin, it blended into the skin and hydrated quickly.

Next, take an appropriate amount on your finger and spread it over the entire face.

This is a rough estimate of the amount used at one time.

Estimated usage is also shown in the image on the ear part (sky flap) of the box, so it is easy to understand.

When you spread it on your face, the dense gel cream spreads freshly and spreads on your skin.

When you do this, it will grow, making it easy to use without putting a burden on your skin.

Apply a small amount again to areas where stains are a concern. Leave it for about 3 minutes like a mask and let it blend in lightly.

Feel the skin is filled with moisture and softened. There was no stickiness to feel plenty of moisture, and it was really comfortable to use after going to the beauty treatment salon.

Increases skin firmness and clarity!っ て も Did not feel dry at all over time, keeping fresh skin. In the morning, the makeup after skin care was good, and I was happy that the powder foundation did not peel or lump.

It is very easy to do all-in-one whitening care. It seems that it can be used continuously. It is recommended for those who want to take care of whitening easily in a short time, or who want to feel the beauty treatment at home. Many whitening skin care products are dry, but Aqua Label Special Gel Cream A (White) has a very high moisturizing power and is recommended for dry skin.

Purchases are made from drugstores, cosmetics specialty stores, Shiseido's comprehensive beauty site "Watashi Plus" and EC sites.

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