EUPORIA latest MV, limited release on 18th

Coupling song recorded in the latest single “Erogenous Love!” Released on January 8 next year by EUPHORIA, which made its major debut in July this year as the youngest unit of the comprehensive men's entertainment project DreamBoat [Dream Boat] It was found on the 13th that the limited distribution of music video for “Winter Color Illumination” was decided on the 18th. The music video for the song will not be included in the package, but will only be distributed.

EUPHORIA's official YouTube channel “EUPHORIA Channel”, which was established prior to the release, will release a “Winter Colors” music video from 9 pm on the 13th.

"Winter Color Illumination" is a winter love song. A medium ballad that expresses a feeling of strength because it is far away. It is finished in an “adult” handsome love song that mixes the love and care for those who think.

In addition, she appeared in the popular corner “Lurre Shooting Live” in OA's Japanese TV program “Buzz Rhythm 02” on the 13th. On the 15th, a release event will be held at the Kinshicho Parco event space. The song “Winter Color Illumination” will be shown for the first time in a new costume.

Member Shiori Kanori says, “I want you to pay attention to the grim face that I have never seen before and the powerful expression behind it, such as the strong determination. I think it has become an interesting work with a difference in facial expressions and gestures. It's perfect for the cold season, but please listen to it in a warm place. "

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