Euro weekly Outlook: lower the reluctance, the Japanese company’s decision to be wary of

*15:17JST Euro weekly Outlook: lower the reluctance, the Japanese company’s decision to be wary of
■Lower the reluctance, the US business confidence deteriorated in the Euro, shrinking

Last week’s Euro・dollar lower reluctance. The Eurozone economy is strong, and a temporary 1. 08 The dollar was below, and 2 on 21 November announcement of the 2 November U.S. manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index [PMI] preliminary and 2 month U.S. service sector Purchasing Managers ‘ Index [PMI] preliminary figures are below market expectations, the US long-term interest rates decreased from Euro to buy back the movement spread. Trading range:1.0778 USD-1.0864 USD.

■On the reluctance, or risk appetite by buying euros suppression also

This week’s Euro・dollar increase astringent but. Germany and the Euro area’s economic slowdown in response to the European Central Bank [ECB] accommodative monetary policy, maintaining a global Outlook and risk appetite by buying euros continue to be suppressed are expected. The new coronavirus infection of the growing safety of the flight to the dollar buying is likely to continue also, the Euro rebounded to suppress that contribute.

Expectations:1.0700 dollars−1.0950 USD

■Against the yen is rebounding in Japan, the virus spread in yen selling strong

Last week’s Euro・yen rebounded. Germany of 2 March ZEW Economic Expectations Index dropped sharply averse to the risk aversion of Euro selling and yen buying is active and in Japan, the new coronavirus infection of the expanding concern for the safety 逃避的 pie sale is active, and the Euro・yen is temporary 121 yen 40 sen rally,the weekend before the primary to 120 yen thereafter remained at. Trading range:118 yen 47 sen−121 yen 40 sen.

■Lower the reluctance, the Japanese company’s decision to be wary of

This week’s Euro・yen is lower the astringent from. The Eurozone economic slowdown concerns remain, and in Japan the virus spread by the corporate performance to the adverse effects of unavoidable and given. Safety 逃避的 US dollar buying and yen selling was reduced to be low, the Euro against the Japanese yen lower astringency may.

○Scheduled to be released in the Eurozone key economic indicators・notable events
・28 date: 2 October consumer price index core index [1 month: the year-on-year+1.1%]

Expectations:119 yen 50 sen−122 yen 50 sen《FA》

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