Even though it is a cake, "Omusubi Cake" which makes you feel like eating "Omusubi" is interesting! Sweets from Osaka!

The fairy tale of Omusubi Kororin is something many Japanese know. When chasing a rolling diaper, it hits a rat hole and gets a spell that contains treasure. First of all, the character called Omusubi Kororin is cute. It is good to have rice balls rather than rice balls.

Put it aside, this time around the countryWe want to introduce unusual diapers to diapers rubbersI think. It looks "Omusubi" firmly, but when you open the seal, it is a mysterious gem with a sweet scent. Actually, it's a cake, and it's called "Omubi cake". Just do it !!

・ Nothing other than rice balls

This “OMUSUBI Cake” is produced by the popular patisserie “TSUKIICHI” in Osaka, and seems to have started to gain popularity through SNS. When that is said,A unique idea is like Osaka.

It seems that it is sold frequently at events in various places, but reporters buy it online online. Because of the popularity, I came to my place about a week after placing my order. Sole wrapped in triangular film is a rice ball no matter where you look! Rather, what does it look like besides diapers?

・ It was really a cake

The film is peeled off while pulling the red tape in the same way as a convenience store rice ball. Then, what appeared there … After all, rice ball! Although the seaweed part is slightly smoky, it only looks like a diaper in the distance.

HoweverThe sense of smell firmly catches the sweetness.As soon as the seal is opened, the sweet scent spreads all over. Apparently, it really is like a cake. When I cut it with a kitchen knife, sponge and cream appeared from inside.

The puff pastry is on only one side, and when placed on a plate it becomes self-supporting. When I actually try it,Sole which seems to be laver is crepe doughTurned out to be. They use black cocoa to produce a gloss like nori.

The reporter purchased “cookies and cream [1296 yen including tax]” and “Earl Gray [same]”, but the contents are certainly delicious cakes. It arrived in a frozen state and ate immediately, but it tasted like ice cake and was great with black tea.

・ Use the request box

No, but it looks like a rice ballI feel like I'm eating diapers even if I put it in my mouthIt is strange from. I realized again that sight is very important in eating.

There was an opportunity for reporters to decide to buy a rice cake. From readersRequest boxA message was sent to him saying that he would try a rice ball cake. Thank you very much for providing interesting information. If everyone has something, please request it!

Reference link:OMUSUBICake

Report:K. Masami

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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