Even though it is a retort curry, beef chunks are gorgeous! The day when S & B "Beef Zanmai" overturned my common sense

I'm hungry! But it's troublesome to make and go outside !!At that time, I [Nakazawa] eats retort curry.

Easy-to-use retort curry is a strong ally when there is nothing to eat and no motivation. It's like so-called boiled rice.But a retort curry has overturned my common sense.

・ Amazon ’s Choice

The name is "Beef Zanmai". I came across this retort curry sold by Japan's leading curry and spice maker "S & B"One day. It was displayed on Amazon's "recommended for you".

Although the price is high for a retort of 500 yen excluding tax, it is just when the stock is out of stock. It has also been selected for "Amazon's Choice," a product that can be shipped immediately and has a high reputation. What is a ship for migration? Please read Amazon Air.Pochi.

・ Magical tools in the retort

In the curry of the package, a lump of beef is on the “Dawn!”However, meat like this continent is truly an image. In the first place, the retort itself has few ingredients, and if meat of this size is really contained, it can be around 1000 yen.

personally,Even if it is a photo fraud, I am satisfied if it is a little horse. After all it is retort curry of 500 yen without tax. I was making it with that feeling …


I really want to!?

A huge piece of meat has rolled out of the retort curry pack.It's the first time I'm surprised not to be a photo scam.

・ Mystery

But because it was not a scamOn the contrary, it can be said that the mystery has deepened. Such a thing cannot be sold for 500 yen. Huh !? Perhaps you will smell retort all the time?と When I try to eat …

Meat, toro ton.

Meat that is so soft that it can be cut with a spoon seems to melt with your mouth. Furthermore, the curry that can also taste the sourness of wine has an elegant richness.If this comes up in a high-end restaurant, you may not realize that it is a retort……

・ Overturned my common sense of retort

I was thinking about retort curry as a substitute to fill the shortage of staff. There was a section that I bought not only that, but this curry is rather a taste I want to eat at the game place. Buy "Beef Zanmai" to eat "Beef Zanmai". I first encountered such a retort.

I suppose that this world was spreading to retort curry, which I thought was "easy food after all". The day when retort curry becomes a feast may be near.

Report:Seiji Nakazawa

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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