"Everything that interests me is exhausted." One that I got because of the charm of Giugiaro|70 year model Isuzu 117 Coupe Vol.2

The body color is 3-coat pearl white and is fully painted.

One-off forged pistons are specially ordered to improve power.

The panel part is made by laminating camphor sheets.

Navi, ETC, etc. are originally processed and incorporated.

Like the owner of a kimono store, Nishijin textile is used to process the door mall.

A wonderful car with a sense of detail has been completed.

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"I feel like I've exhausted everything I care about. I'm comfortable riding in my normal life. Thanks to everyone involved in the restoration. Even now, I'm still on good terms with you." Nakajima says with a smile.

117 The 117 coupe satisfied the owner's satisfaction. And it became a car that deepened the bonds of people.

Beautiful rear line. Exterior design that cannot be cleared with the press technology of the time. It was inevitable that it was handmade, and it was also the enthusiasm of engineers who sought the degree of perfection as a craft.

Beautiful-looking engine. The contents are built into a block with a custom-made forged piston oversized to ensure power.

Everything in the room has been redone. The center console and armrests are all made of genuine leather.

The emblems are three-dimensionally shaped and elaborate.

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