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"Evolution of iPad OS" (Ishikawa Atsushi) to be worried about behind the transition of Mac to Arm-Engadget Japan

Engadget Japan

Apple's developer conference "WWDC" was held online this year. As rumored, I was surprised to see that MacOS will run on Arm, but on the other hand, I am worried about the evolution of iPad OS.

It's a handy iPad with an Apple Pencil, but iPadOS 14 automatically converts handwritten characters to text.

Engadget Japan

For example, when you search a map or site, you can type it by hand in the search window and it will automatically convert to text. I was pleased that "This will make the iPad even more convenient", but when the iPad OS 14 was released, it was only available in English and Chinese. It would be nice to be able to support Hiragana and Katakata as long as they can handle Kanji, but unfortunately, Japanese input may be waiting for a while.

After all, for Apple, China is a huge market for its customers, so its development priority may be quite high.

A new feature of Apple Pencil is that you can mess up characters from the top to erase them, or enclose them to select them.

If you write the star by hand, it will be beautiful, if you enter the date, it will be recorded in the calendar, and if you write in the phone number or email address, you will be able to distinguish the letters and send.

I bought an iPad Pro this spring and was impressed by the success of the Magic Keyboard and live conversion. I've been writing all of my manuscripts these days with the iPad Pro, but I'm really having trouble with the Apple Pencil.

I don't usually write illustrations, and I don't really want to write by hand because the letters are dirty. As a proofreading for magazines, it is convenient to put red letters in PDF files, but recently the work of magazines has been drastically reduced. Furthermore, although Apple Pencil is not used anymore, this update of iPad OS14 may increase the places where Apple Pencil can play an active role.

Possibility of iPhone supporting Apple Pencil

When I was looking at this WWDC, what I stumbled over was "This is Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note." When pursuing the usability of a pen, the Galaxy Note, which had been ahead in the market, would end up being a "homage".

Samsung Galaxxy Note 10 for pen input

Engadget Japan

Then I thought further, "Isn't the iPhone compatible with Apple Pencil eventually?"

Until now, the combination of iPad and Apple Pencil was rather convenient for drawing illustrations on a large screen called the iPad.

However, looking at the evolution of iPad OS this time, handwritten characters are converted into text, the date written is reflected in the calendar, and you can call to the phone number you wrote down. This is exactly how to use it as a "notepad", and it is a function you want to use as a notebook rather than the large screen of the iPad.

It's great if you take your iPhone out of your chest pocket and quickly take notes with the Apple Pencil.

Although it's been split between iOS and iPad OS since last year, it's still basically similar. In the future, it is possible that something evolved from the iPad OS will be incorporated into iOS.

Will the "iPhone compatible with Apple Pencil", which has been rumored for a long time, come out?

In order to revive the Apple Pencil, which is disappearing from the iPad Pro, I really want the iPhone to support the Apple Pencil.

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