Excavation of a valuable car is thrilling! 2019 Top 3 Articles Read!

Review the top 3 articles read on in 2019. Whether you are new to it or have read it once, I hope you enjoy it.

3rd placeBattered Aston Martin V8 sleeping in a warehouse in Hyogo

In a warehouse in Hyogo Prefecture, one Aston Martin V8 with a bumpy body and a concave body was sleeping. There is room for the interior and engine to come back to life. There is no reason to leave this as it is, but why the dent?
The present age where people's warmth is value. It is not a computer-based design, but a design that has the creator's commitment to the end. The antiques did not fit in the curio, and even more special ones were touted as art. It has been a long time since old things have been prized so much.

2nd placeRescue a tattered VW bus that was abandoned in the forest

The VW Bardovan, who has been abandoned in the Swedish forest for 50 years. In no one's eyes was it worth rescuing. But only the hardcore VW enthusiast Ben Benton was different.
He works during the day as an engineer, but his passion is focused on early VW. He has a reputation for taking on seemingly impossible projects and returning cars to the road. When he heard that there was a rotten but very early VW in the Swedish forest, it was no surprise that he immediately responded. The van was so bad that no Swedish VW Enthusiast raised his hand to save the car. But Ben was different.

The first placeMaserati Mexico found in a warehouse in Ibaraki Prefecture │ To the public road for the first time in 38 years

In 2017, news circulated around the world that a rare Ferrari model was discovered under the eaves of a barn in Gifu Prefecture. The aluminum body, Daytona, has been sleeping there for about 40 years. Now, the rare Maserati in front of me, like this Ferrari, has also been found and returned to public roads for the first time in 38 years. The main character in this article, a 1968 Mexico, was pulled out of a warehouse in Ibaraki Prefecture in 2017. It is known that one new car was imported to Mexico in 1968 by a new oriental company that was the sole agent of Maserati at the time [this car is still existing], but only one was imported as a new car Only.

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