Exchange weeks about the prospect but,says lower observation JPY sell interest remaining

*15:02JST exchange weeks about the prospect but,says lower observation JPY sell interest remaining
【Last summary】
■The dollar decline, in the United States in the new corona virus infection the possibility of expanding high

Last week the dollar・yen to fall. In the United States in the new corona virus the spread of the likelihood of the United States, the main stock index rose in the week to exceed the 10% rate of decline and risk-averse dollar sell・yen, buy Active was. US 10-year bond yields to historic lows dropped,the Year 4 times and revert to lower ground and also the price the material was. In Japan, a viral infection that is also expanding, the Nikkei is temporary,last 9 months since 21000 yen cracking [20916.40 JPY] and Australian dollar, NZ dollar,Canadian dollar relative to the yen buying was observed and, the U.S. dollar・yen trading in the yen, as it sought for.

2 on 28 November of the New York Forex market in dollar・yen, the temporary 107 yen 51 sen fell. 新型肺炎 of infection has spread around the world,the economy and squeeze corporate profits, and speculation in the risk aversion of dollar selling and yen buying is predominant for. However, Powell of the US Federal Reserve [FED]Chairman issued an emergency statement,”新型肺炎 monitors developments in the situation in this means and take appropriate measures”and expressed that, from the Dow average and other U.S. stock lower width is significantly reduced. Dollar・yen is lower reluctance, 108 yen 00 Sen in this week’s trading finished. Dollar・yen trading range:107 yen 51 sen−111 yen 68 sen.

■The dollars together, or revert to lower observation JPY sell interest remaining

Next week the dollar・yen is also contact from. In the United States a new type of corona virus infection in the stock price is weak, and the US Federal Reserve Board [the FED]to 3 month down the observation to background and sell dollars preceded it. However, long-term Japanese economic downturn of the concerned circle sales forecast,direction, a sense of poor value movement is not expected.

The United States professional organizations of the new coronavirus of domestic spread of the infection to the alarm, which shows the economic expectations of the rapid reduction in risk assets to organize the movement is accelerating. They announced next week’s 2-month ISM manufacturing from the previous month slightly rising Outlook. 2 on payrolls, non-farm payrolls 1 actuals projected to fall below, the market expectations and if a match is found, the sales material not to be seen. The market is already 3 month lower factored in, the employment report and other economic indicators were weak content if it was US 利見 through decline further, the dollar sell-inducing factor like.

On the other hand, in Japan, of the virus the damage of the increased number of Japanese companies, decision to a concern for Japanese stocks to sell is the continuation of the prospect. Also, the Japanese economy shrinking in anticipation of the investor’s yen selling is expected, the dollar・yen relative to the support material.

[US・2onISMManufacturing】[3November2willbeannounced] 3 on 2 November announcement of the U.S. 2 March ISM manufacturing was 51. 0 and 1 on the 50. 9 from a small rise in May. The market expected the contents from the manufacturing recovery in the United States,selling dollars to curb the factors that will.

[US・2onFriday】[3months6dayswillbeannounced] 3 November 6 announcement of 2 September employment report, the unemployment rate 3. 5%, Non-Farm Payrolls month-to-month+19.5 million,the average hourly wage is year-on-year+3.0% expected. Employers increase the number of 1 figures below potential, the unemployment rate is likely to decrease. Market expectations and matched the price on the material you may not.

Expectations: 106 yen 50 sen−109 yen 50 sen《FA》

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