Excited tweet from Hachimura "Bonfire!" Wizards

NBA Wizards' Ritsu Hachimura [21] sent a cheering tweet to his teammates on the 30th.

Hachimura missed the bench again this day due to injuries in his groin area and missed seven games in a row. Ace's beer also broke down due to a failure, and the team missed two games in a row, but the team started in a difficult situation with no opening starter, but they played more than equal competition with the second place in the East Conference and the strong heat opponent.

Despite being deprived of a lead at 0-8 at the start, he slowly caught up and succeeded in the middle of the second quarter [Q]. When he leads and folds in the first half, in the 3Q it will take more points.

Yachimura, who was struck by the hard work of those friends or was watching the progress outside the venue, tweeted “Bonfire !!” from the iPhone in the middle of the second half. Thanks to the encouragement, Wizards, who was once closer to six points, pushed his opponent late in the game and won 123-105.

About six hours before this tweet, Hachimura posted a mysterious word in Japanese, "Tobas !!" They collected more than 1000 likes.

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