Exciting to watch a movie is a research result that it is “ no longer exercise ''


Exciting to watch a movie is a research result that it is “ no longer exercise ''

by NomadSoul1

Many people are watching movies and have experienced thrilling developments and thrilling action scenes. Experiments that investigated the heart rate and other factors of a person who is actually watching a movie have revealed that "loading a movie on a person's heart is equivalent to light exercise."

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Sitting in the cinema 'counts as a light workout', scientists find | Daily Mail Online

A research team from University College London neuroscientist Joseph Devlin and colleaguesVue CinemasConducted an experiment to examine the effects of watching a movie on the human body.

The research team first made 51 of the 77 participants in the experiment an experimental group, went to the movie theater with sensors measuring heart rate, body temperature, etc., and a live-action movie released in 2019 “Aladdin". The remaining 26 control groups were also asked to read the novel with the sensor on, and measured physical data from both groups.

After the experiment, the research team compared the data from the experimental group and the control group, and found that the hearts of the participants who watched the movie recorded a heart rate equivalent to mild exercise. The heart rate of the participants in the experimental group reached 40 to 80% of the maximum heart rate at the peak.

“ The heart of the participant who watched one movie has reached a heart rate called the “ healthy heart zone '' for about 40 minutes on average for about 2 hours, '' Devlin said. This is a very light load, but it is comparable to low intensity aerobic exercises such as walking fast and helps burn fat. "

Researchers have also found that films have a positive effect on the mind as well as the body. As a result of a questionnaire conducted to participants in the experimental group, 55% of the participants gained a sense of exhilaration by watching and felt that they "healed their minds". Forty-five percent of the respondents said they were "cheered after watching the movie."

In addition, 45% of participants who watched the movie said they had a "transcendental experience", and 75%, or three-quarters, said, "I forgot everything else and I was completely immersed. "

"The ability to stay focused and attentive plays an important role in developing mental resilience, but modern people are distracted by smartphones and other devices and social media," Devlin said. And the opportunity to focus on something is dramatically losing: a cinema experience where you can turn off your smartphone and immerse yourself in the video and story for a while will keep your attention and focus when you need it. And help them develop their abilities. "

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