Exercise dementia Jun Tamura asks the basketball boy from above

Jun Tamura [46] of London Boots No. 1 and 2 rushed to support the B1 league Kawasaki Brave Sanders, a men's basket sponsored by Yoshimoto Kogyo, held at the Toroki Arena in Kawasaki City on the 29th. Talking and playing games with Masamasa Kumasa [46] and Nana Yamada [27] before the game and half-time, excited about 5,000 spectators.

Atsushi, who is known as a sports special on the TV Asahi "London Hearts" as a sports special, said, "Small, middle, high, basketball club. Surprised.

Lead a team with Yamada and play in a game using basketball. When boasting to the helping Kawasaki Brave Thunders youth players, "Junior high school student? Are you recommended? I'm going to high school by recommending [basketball]," MC pin entertainer Taketo [43] says, "It's no good. I'm saying that many times. "

In the game, he took off the first shot from dribbling against Yamada who said, "I played volleyball, so it could be managed," but screwed in the second shot and won. With great pleasure, he advised the youth players by saying, "Let's do your best. Let's do our best because it's recommended. Aim at high school just by playing basketball without studying." "I wanted to work out because I wasn't doing enough. I felt the blood of basketball flowing in myself. Please support me when I play basketball again."

Currently, Kawasaki Brave Sanders, who was the leader in the B1 league middle district and 14 consecutive victories, played against Shiga Lakestars in the west district. As Jun feared, "I don't want to break the streak when we came," he struggled with a lead in the first period, 21-14, and in the end of the second period, a lead in the opposite of 30-36. The fourth period, which started at 55-55, continued the close match, but when the remaining time reached 6 minutes, he was released and won 80-71. We won 15 consecutive victories.

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