Exhibiting Nissan EV ice cream mobile sales vehicles and professional pilot golf balls

At CES 2020, Nissan will embody a vision for the future of mobility through exhibits such as the Nissan Aria Concept, a zero-emission mobile vehicle and a professional pilot golf ball.

Guests can experience the vitality that advanced technology brings to everyday life with their five senses. The Nissan Aria Concept, a crossover concept car for electric vehicles, is unveiled in North America for the first time. The Nissan Aria Concept incorporates the company's proprietary electric vehicle technology, advanced driver assistance systems, and connected technology. Based on a new platform dedicated to electric vehicles, Nissan Intelligent Mobility is a new icon for Nissan's evolving technology and services that provide an innovative driving and ownership experience that feels like the future. is there.

Providing ice cream from Zero Emission “Ice Cream Mobile Sales Vehicle” Inspired by the advanced driver assistance technology “ProPilot 2.0”, the “ProPilot Golf Ball” experience corner that guarantees cup-in with one putt, Nissan Self-portrait photo corner where you can experience the speed of the Formula E race car, an "Acoustic Metamaterial" exhibition that realizes a quiet and comfortable moving space, a physical experience corner, the latest Formula E machine and "Nissan Leaf e +" Is done.
CES 2020 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 7 to 10, with the Nissan booth located at 6306 in the North Hall.

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