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Experience "cutting with a smartphone"! Kaiji, a cutting specialist, commemorates the 111th anniversary of Kaiji's founding.

Kaiji, a general knife manufacturer that celebrated the 111th anniversary of its founding in 2019, will open a museum that expresses “ cutting '' with various angles of vision, hearing, tactile sensation, and various angles “ Kaiji Presents “ Cuttoto '' Exhibition '' January 10, 2020 The event will be held at Tokyo Midtown Atrium from [Fri] to 13 [Mon / holiday].

The concept of the event is to enter the “cut” dictionary and reconsider the act of “cut”. This is an experience event unique to Kaiji that has been pursuing "cutting" for many years.

There are five contents in the venue. Using a smartphone distributed at the venue, you can freely travel while reading AR content with various meanings of “ cutting '', and “ cutting '' through interactive contents and product exhibitions on the theme of tools, sounds, tastes, etc. Enjoy the fun of the act. In addition, those who have experienced each content and collected AR stamps will receive a free gift of shellfish [※ first come, first served, ends as soon as it is gone]. In addition, follow the Kaikai official SNS account "@kai_corporation" and add a hashtag of "#Kai" and "#Kirito" to the photos taken at the venue and draw by lots from among the 20 people who contributed There is also a chance to win a special smartphone ring and the "SELECT100 T-type peeler", which is the "Cuttoto" exhibition.

■ Kaishi Presents "Kiritoto" Exhibition ■ Summary
Date: January 10 [Fri]-13 [Mon / holiday] 2020 11: 00-21: 00
Venue: Tokyo Midtown Atrium [9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo] Price: Free
Contents: AR stamp rally while experiencing video and sound with the theme of "cutting"
貝 Gifts of shellfish will be given to AR stamp rally participants [* first come, first served, ends as soon as they are gone]Shellfish products, history display

★ pp-00210

★ pp-00281

★ pp-00459

Kai-Shi Presents "What is it?" Exhibition

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