Experience TCL folding smartphone at CES-equipped with -4 camera, opened to 7.2 inches

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL unveiled a prototype of a foldable smartphone at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 6, US time.

The first time I saw a prototype of this product at the MWC in February 2019, I was able to touch on a working prototype at this CES. The smartphone is somewhat square, and when opened, reveals a 7.2-inch plastic display. Surrounded by a thick black plastic bezel. There are no cameras on the inside and four cameras on the back. The back is a deep emerald green with a slightly diamond-like pattern.

Prototype of folding smartphone exhibited by TCL

Prototype of folding smartphone exhibited by TCL
Provided by: Angela Lang / CNET

Unlike the other foldable smartphones I've seen, this product can maintain its state at any stage during the fold. Other products often open completely or close at some stage. The shape was almost square, so it felt natural regardless of the orientation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp_9cX-nJEs [/ embed]

The experience itself was awkward. The response of the software when rotating the main unit was slow, and the screen was often frozen. It is not known whether the cause is the hinge or the screen itself, but there was a sound when opening and closing.

I will tolerate most of these shortcomings in the prototype. The company is trying to be transparent about its efforts. TCL is considering dozens of foldable designs, some at the concept stage, and others that have gone into working prototypes. The company also says that there is a possibility that not only smartphones but also wearable devices and smart home products can be folded.

価 格 Although the price, release date and even the official name of the foldable smartphone are not clear, it is said that it will be released within 2020.

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