Experts explain “ easy to ease anxiety '' that can be practiced immediately


Experts explain “ easy to ease anxiety '' that can be practiced immediately

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People areFeel anxiousWhen a bad idea crosses your head in a creature, it can negatively affect yourself and the surrounding people, such as distracting attention to negligence, not being able to sleep or hurt someone . James Carmody, a professor of medicine and health science, shows a simple way to ease anxiety and calm the mind.

Why we are hard-wired to worry, and what we can do to calm down

According to Carmody, who studies mental and physical relationships and teaches it to both doctors and patients, most of the ways to reduce anxiety are based on simple principles. By understanding this principle, they can practice "relieving anxiety" in their daily lives.

Pastthe studyWe know that humans feel happiness when they focus their attention on their actions, not when they are distracted.

The reason is brain activity that works behind the consciousness of people who are not focused on tasks. The defocused brain begins to imagine the future, "what and how" based on human needs. It is thought that such "future imagination" is influenced by human ancestors' thoughts on "plans" to avoid threats and ensure survival.

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"What we focus on is at the heart of happiness.MindfulnessBut the focus is on training your mind by focusing your attention. "

Mindfulness training focuses on the feeling of breathing. "It may seem simple, but the mind is unconsciously resisting. Even if you try to concentrate on breathing many times, within a few seconds, your consciousness gets caught up in your imagination. Observing gives you the ability to provide real-time mental insights and self-regulating spirits, "said Carmody.

Mr. Carmody says, "By paying attention to breathing and observing yourself, you can also clarify your interest in the past and the future", and when the idea of ​​"what goes wrong?" doing. They may start to realize that hope, comparison, regret, etc., constitute anxiety related to family, friends, work, and money.

The daily anxiety that humans have is caused by physical tension caused by thoughts of loss, failure, unfulfillment, etc., and there is a sense of tension that you do not notice in daily life. Due to the stress caused by it, humansSeeking a sense of security for sweets and drinksThere is a tendency.

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"If you find yourself nervous and nervous, shift your consciousness to your breathing sensation. Try only a few minutes," Carmody said. You. If you can concentrate on your awareness of breathing,Decreases stress hormonesIn addition, mood-enhancing hormones such as serotonin and dopamine are secreted in the brain. The result is a natural relaxation and calmness, says Carmody.

In addition to caring for mindfulness, Carmody also has yoga, tai chi, cognitive therapy,Caring heartIs mentioned as a way to relieve anxiety. Yoga and Tai Chi are characterized by focusing on the flow of sensation associated with a series of movements. Also, yoga not only relieves anxiety,Effects such as reduced stress and reduced blood pressureHas also been confirmed. Carmody says that cognitive therapy, self-assured minds, etc. can counter unsettled emotions by guiding their minds to reassured thinking.

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