Expiration date is 1 year / How to determine the table tennis world ranking

Table tennis girl Yoshizumi Ishikawa [26 = Zenno] has made a step forward to become the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] singles representative. On the 9th, he won the World Tour North American Open [OP] final by defeating Hirano Miu [19] 4-2. Ishikawa, who won the direct confrontation, reversed the plains in the world rankings and emerged as the second Japanese. The singles representatives are the top two Japanese in the world ranking announced in January next year. The top Misato Ito [19] is surely selected. The fierce battle of the remaining one frame will be settled at the final round of the world tour that opened on the 12th, Grand Final [Zhengzhou, China].

◆ How to determine the world rankings: Each player, determined by the total points of the top 8 tournaments, is updated monthly. Each competition, including the Olympics, is valid for one year, except for the World Championship [individual and group] Continental Championship, World Cup [World Cup], World Cup Group, Continental Cup, and World Tour Grand Final. Points will not expire until the next competition. For this reason, the points of the 18-year World Championships have been added to both men and women in Japan. The T2 diamond newly established this year is a tournament that can be added purely in addition to the 8 tournaments. Since only 16 men and women can participate, 400 points will be added unconditionally if they enter.

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