Exquisite balance between aged K4 head S20 type and hard top body | Nissan SKYLINE HT 2000 GT-R II Vol.2

The S20 engine, the spirit of the GT-R, was updated with feedback from know-how gained in the race. K2, K3, and K4 heads have undergone specification changes, and the final version of the K4 has a longer valve and a lightweight valve lifter with a thinner valve lifter. The shape of the combustion chamber was also reviewed. In addition, the reinforcement was added to the block body and the coating was applied to the cast iron liner, but the catalog specifications were the same, but the durability was greatly improved.

72The final specification of such a Hakosuka GT-R is the 72-year-old KPGC10. From the exterior, there is almost no difference between the 71s and 72s, only the "5SPEED" emblem is installed under the rear left tail lamp. In the interior, the needle of the meter changes from white to orange, and a lid is attached to the accessory case. If it could be clearly distinguished, it would be the chassis number, the two-digit number for the '71 model and the four-digit number for the '72 model.

The GT-R boasts an overwhelming performance of a maximum output of 160 mm and a maximum speed of 200 mm / h. The KPGC10 has a proven track record of improvement and racing, and is equipped with a highly reliable K4 head.

Emphasis is placed on exhaust efficiency and a stainless steel exhaust manifold is used. PGC10 and KPGC10 are the same, but different exhaust manifolds are used for KPGC110 [Kemmeri R] and Z432.

CDI and a power igniter are installed at the feet of the passenger seat. It is effective not only in starting performance but also in high speed.

The genuine muffler is a dual muffler made of steel, and the tail has a morning glory design. The rear suspension has been changed to a GAB damper.

Nostalgic Hero vol.197 2020 February Issue [All the contents in the article are those at the time of publication]
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