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"EZ135" which was sold as a removable HDD for individuals seriously: Sweet Memories File026-Engadget Japan version

(Name) EZ135
(Type) HDD
(Recording method) Magnetic recording
(Size) 3.5 inch
(Capacity) 135MB
(Appearance year) Around 1995

In this series of projects that shed light on the now-erased recording media of nostalgia, I will introduce the removable media drives that I am loosely collecting.

"EZ135"Is a removable disk cartridge released by SyQuest as a countermeasure against Zip. Until then, SyQuest had the impression that there were mainly many products for enterprises, but with the EZ135 targeting individual users in earnest, it is quite a challenge that the external drive costs about 240 dollars and the media costs about 20 dollars. The feature is that it was set at a reasonable price. My competitor, Zip, was a drive (about $200) and three media costs about $50, so I'm doing my best even though it's a little expensive.

Also, while the conventional drive had a simple model number such as "SQ****" (**** is a number), this product seems to have a more product name of "EZ 135 Drive". It was a big change that it was changed to something. From this, it is clear that I was aware of individual users.

This EZ135 isPreviously introduced SQ310/SQ327It is a medium that uses a 3.5-inch disk of the same size as, but is not compatible. The capacity of the EZ135 is half that of the SQ327, which is 270MB, and the capacity is half, so it was clear that it was a low-priced model.

The shape of the cartridge is almost square following the conventional one. It's the same as the transparent material that allows you to see the disc inside. Or, at first glance, it looks like it's difficult to distinguish it from the SQ310/SQ327.

Let's actually line up a little.

The top is EZ135 and the bottom is SQ327, but it's so similar that you can't tell which one is without the label. After seeing for some time if there was any difference, I finally found that the chamfered part on the SQ327 was a right angle on the EZ135. In the photo above, with the insertion direction of the cartridge facing you, it is the left side.

This is the only difference in appearance, so I think the users at that time were a bit confused…

Let's open the shutter.

The toothpick at the left end is for opening the shutter, so don't worry about it. I can't tell if you look at them individually, but if you look side by side, you can see that the thickness of the discs is quite thin. Since the contents are different things, it is understandable that they are not compatible.

The price was as cheap as Zip, and the speed was as fast as HDD, so EZ135 was a competitive product. However, it wasn't enough to shake Zip, which had already gained a large share, and it continued to be struggling.

By the way, SyQuest Inc. has this EZ135 or later, ezflyer, SyJet,SparQThen, in a short period of time, we started the stray of introducing similar products one after another.


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