F1 2020 season opening │ message from Scuderia Alfa Tauri Honda and RDS representatives

The 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship (F1) will begin on July 3. RDS Co., Ltd., which has formed a partnership with F1 Team Scuderia Alpha Tauri Honda, has announced the message of both representatives before the start of the F1 2020 season. Along with the start of a new challenge, we will work to create a society in which everyone can move borderlessly, by incorporating the cutting-edge technology created in the fastest world into everyday mobility.

RDS is an R&D-type company that sends the world of new forms of manufacturing under the concept of "today's ideals, tomorrow's ordinary things." So far, he has been involved in numerous product developments such as motor sports, medical/welfare, and development of cutting-edge robots. In Sochi and Pyeongchang in winter, we jointly developed a gear with a para-athlete and contributed to the acquisition of 7 medals including gold. From 2017, we started with the development of a wheelchair racer based on personal data, with Tomoya Ito, a wheelchair athlete, aiming to win a medal at the Tokyo Games at the age of 58 as a test driver.

The wheelchair racer "RDS WF01TR" born there, "RDS SS01" that derives the optimal seating position solution, and the wheelchair "RDS WF01" personalized by body data are excellent at the Italian international design competition "A Design Award & Competition 2020". Awarded. Ito is also working on product development that pursues design and performance, such as recording the world's top time in actual battle. In both motor sports and parasports, visualizing human senses and body data and adjusting machines to maximize human abilities is closely related to performance, and technology accumulated there. Can be used for mobility to create a new daily life.

Franz Tost comment, Scuderia Alfa Tauri Honda F1 Team President, said, "We warmly welcome the extension of the RDS contract from Scuderia Alfa Tauri Honda, who has achieved the best results in the hybrid turbo age. Both sides always share the philosophy of outstanding design and performance, and the success of this partnership depends on the trust we and Ruri Sugihara of RDS have built together. It's a meaningful partnership."

Yuri Sugihara, President of RDS Co., Ltd., said as follows. “In partnership with Scuderia Alfa Tauri Honda, we are delighted to be able to take part in an exciting stage. The F1 car that pursues technology in the fastest world is not only for motor sports fans, but for everyone” This is something that is deeply related to the future that RDS is aiming for. “RDS WF01”, which won the highest award at A Design Award & Competition 2020, is not only for people with disabilities but also for everyone Was developed with the aim of creating a wheelchair that "I want to ride someday." Our "cool" mobility, which is also our philosophy, can overcome various barriers and change the concept of mobility. We want to send products that everyone wants to ride to the world, and, together with Scuderia Alpha Tauri Honda, send the evolution of mobility to the world.''

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