F1 driver Lewis Hamilton donates about 55 million yen to Australia

British driver Lewis Hamilton, a six-time F1 champion, has announced that he will donate $ 500,000 to Australia, which has been hit by a massive forest fire. To help live animals, volunteers and rural fire brigade.

He commented on his SNS that the fire had been going on for a long time since December 9, 2019, and he was deeply hurt with the victims and animals. Many animals have been reported killed in the fire. Hamilton, in particular, is also known for his fondness for animals, and his feelings may be even stronger.

"I'm sorry that Australia has lost more than 1 billion lives, despite the innocence of the animals and the endangered species of some endemic species. Let's continue to support everyone. We should reconsider the impact we have on the planet. "

F1 drivers have also donated not only Lewis Hamilton but also Daniel Ricciardo from Australia, who have announced that they will sign autographed racing suits for the 2020 Australian Grand Prix and enter auctions.

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