F1 Team Collaborates on Medical Technology for Corona Measures Requested by UK Government

On March 27, a total of seven F1 teams based in the United Kingdom will work at the request of the British Government to manufacture the medical devices needed to treat COVID-19 [new coronavirus]. Revealed that.

In the treatment of COVID-19, which is spreading in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, medical devices such as ventilators are required, and its manufacture is urgently needed. The F1 team has facilities that can manufacture such precision equipment for the production of F1 machines, and in line with the request of the British government, seven teams collated and named this “ Project Pit Lane '' Has cooperated in design and manufacturing.

The project began in mid-March and has already achieved remarkable results in two weeks.

Mercedes-AMG, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, Haas and Williams with factories in the UK are participating in the project. Each team provides F1 know-how in areas such as immediate design, prototype manufacturing, product testing, and manufacturing.

[Correspondent Yonemine Ki]

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