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Face ID system is “ updated '' on iPhone 12 (provisional), Lightning connector may be abolished in 2021 model-Engadget Japanese version


The next flagship model iPhone 12 (provisional) series that is expected to appear this fall. Analyst predictions have been reported that those Face ID systems will be "updated" and that the Lightning port will be eliminated from at least one of the following 2021 models. Investor notes from British investment bank analyst Blayne Curtis and colleagues have been reported by CNBC and Apple-related information site MacRumors. Earlier, the analyst also made predictions about the top model of iPhone 12 and iPhone SE2 (provisional)Had announced.

According to the forecast, the iPhone 12 series will be equipped with the "refreshed" front camera TruleDepth system. In other words, it is suggested that Face ID of face authentication will be improved in iPhone 12, but specific details are not stated.

Face ID's performance also improved last year's iPhone 11 series, but this was due to a software update, iOS 13. Similar benefits have been brought to past models such as the iPhone XS, but this time the hardware itself has been updated and something may change fundamentally.

Secondly, the iPhone 12 "Pro" (high-end) model will have a new ToF-type 3D sensor. Plus, Pro models have 6GB of memory, up from 4GB on iPhone 11 Pro models.Conventional claimsHas been repeated.

ToF is an abbreviation of Time of Flight. It is a technology that recognizes 3D space and objects by measuring the distance to the target from the time it takes for the reflected light to reach the sensor by irradiating light. ToF-style 3D cameras have already been adopted on Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and some Samsung devices and have proven that they can actually capture images of objects and create 3D models. CNBC reports that some people have printed copies at home using a 3D printer.

Finally, analysts say Apple could "remove" the Lightning connector from at least one of the 2021 models, meaning it could be completely wireless. These views are familiar with Apple insider informationForecast by analyst Ming-Chi KuoIs also a match.

Barclays analysts have also stated that wired EarPods may be removed from the package as a result.Major financial institution JP MorganPredicted that the iPhone 12 will be able to select either AirPods or EarPods included, but eventually the fully wireless iPhone + AirPods included may be the standard.

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