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Face recognition at airports and AliPay will be broken with 3D masks and photos. However, it does not communicate with iPhone-Engadget Japan version

US AI venture company Kneron reported that he was allowed to pay and access a face recognition device installed in a public place. For example, the company has been able to deceive AliPay and WeChat Pay payment systems, which are widely used in Asia, with high-quality 3D masks.

What's even more surprising is that the face recognition automation gate at Schiphol Airport, the largest airport in the Netherlands, was able to lose weight by simply displaying photos on the smartphone screen. The same trick is said to have been applied to Chinese railways that use facial recognition to pay fares and buy tickets. By the way, please refer to the following video for the operation of the face recognition system at the airport.
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However, Kneron acknowledges that the 3D mask used in the experiment was ordered from a specialist in Japan and that the fraud is unlikely to spread (because it is expensive and time consuming). However, he also points out that there is a risk that it could be used to impersonate a celebrity or an asset owner at a cost.

And the trick of displaying photos on your smartphone is cost-effective and time-consuming. Nevertheless, being able to break through airport face recognition also leads to terrorist concerns. Schiphol Airport, WeChat and AliPay did not respond to inquiries regarding the effectiveness of the face recognition system.

It is reported that 3D masks and photos that successfully broke face recognition in public places one after another, but Apple's iPhone X, the oldest model that adopted Face ID, could not be deceived.

Two years agoFace ID broken by handmade mask with a total cost of $ 150However, ApplePatent for a new method that scans facial muscle movements and makes authentication more rigorousApplying for Even if there is no change in hardware, the evolution of Face ID may continue in software.

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