Facebook adds features to reduce the display of political ads

Facebook has announced a number of updates on January 9 that it will give users more control over the display of political ads. One of them is adding a new setting that can reduce ads on political and social issues on Facebook and Instagram. It did not overturn its policy of allowing politicians to place false advertisements.

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When this feature is added to the existing ad settings, Facebook's Director of Product Management Rob LeathernPress releaseSaid. The service will be launched in the United States in early summer 2020 and will be expanded to other regions.

Facebook reiterated that private companies should not make political advertising decisions, and said that industry-wide regulation was needed.

"Lack of regulations means that Facebook and other companies are forced to come up with their own policies. People can hear what they are trying to guide themselves. We follow the principle that we should, and that remarks should be examined and discussed publicly. "

Facebook will also update its “Ad Library” to increase transparency. This is a public archive of ads by politicians and political actors on Facebook and Instagram. It also adds control over the display of ads with the "custom audience" list, for example, allowing you to view political ads that you have excluded from targeting.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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