Facebook ads could boost Trump's re-election-internal notes leaked

A long-time Facebook executive has stated that Facebook has helped Donald Trump win the 2016 US presidential election. However, the fact that Russian trolls used Facebook to interfere or spread incorrect information is not a reason for the win. "Trump won because he had one of the best digital advertising campaigns that I had never seen from any advertiser, and that's it," said Facebook's Virtual Reality [VR]. And Andrew Bosworth, head of the augmented reality [AR] business, said.

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コ メ ン ト This commentBosworth's internal Facebook postThe New York Times reported on January 7 U.S.A. Bosworth later put this post on his public Facebook pageReprint"I wasn't writing it for the public," he said.

In more than 2,000 words reportedly posted on December 30, 2019, Bosworth said that Trump's victory was helped by using Facebook's advertising tools in the election campaign. According to 2020, "there is a lot of potential for the same result." Bosworth further argues that he should avoid changing political advertising rules to prevent Facebook from doing so, citing the “ Lord of the Rings '' scene Was expanded.

Facebook declined to comment.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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