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Facebook also criticizes the App Store tax. Related to billing method for new functions for small business owners-Engadget Japan version

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<p>Stephen Lam / Reuters</p>
<p>Epic Games added its own payment feature inside the iOS app of the popular game Fortnite, which started with being rejected by the App Store (and later by the Google Play Store)<a href=Apple vs. Epic WarRegarding, with regard to Spotify and others who want to add their own payment function as well, commenting on Epic's shoulder, it is gradually becoming an “Apple vs. Epic Alliance” flow.

Among them, Facebook newly started to make the same claim as Epic. Facebook introduced a feature that enables small and medium-sized business owners to make money by holding paid online events such as cooking and training within Facebook's platform, and 30% from user payment at events held via iOS app Explained that the store tax will be deducted, “Apple can reduce the store tax or use Facebook Pay, a unique payment function, to absorb the cost of businesses suffering from pandemic of new coronavirus infection "But unfortunately the request was denied and you are only paid 70% of the hard-earned revenue," he explained.

In addition, the web version and the Android app will accept Facebook Pay (which will not collect fees until at least 2021), so business owners will receive full revenue.

Maintaining security is one of the reasons why Apple only allows apps to be delivered to iOS devices through the App Store. Sometimes it can be costly to review and distribute a huge amount of apps.

However, the more popular apps we offer, the more likely this 30% platform usage fee will be felt. The 30% rule is applied not only to the sold-out price of the application but also to the subscription contract paid through the application (there is a reduction according to the duration), so if the business scale expands, the application provider should have it originally The amount of will also inflate.

Spotify and Netflix avoid App Store tax collection by allowing users to register via the website instead of the app to avoid being deducted from the store tax from their own monthly service. However, it may be one of the complaints of Epic Games that this method is not allowed for game applications.

On the other hand, Facebook says (rather than avoiding store taxes and maximizing its own profits) "it aims to support small businesses that suffer from the impact of COVID-19," and the App Store's fault. It is the tone that small and medium-sized business owners lose money. And Facebook Pay explains that you can get 100% of the revenue generated from online events.

From the user's point of view, if the application adopts its own payment method, registration of user information and ID/password will be set for each, and payment method will be selected, which will reduce convenience. I feel like it. Also, I would like to pay attention to where the store side and the app provider side find a compromise, but for us users it may only change where the money goes.


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