Facebook and Instagram don't show "likes", doesn't it mean mental health?

TieKatie Santamaria, 21, recalls the repression she felt when sharing content on Instagram as a teenager. Her friends always advised that you should not post anything until 8pm to get the maximum likes.

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Facebook and Instagram are running tests that don't like likes, but critics criticize it is just a business move.
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"Everyone isn't really about sharing, sharing is a kind of game, it's a way to measure your social status," says Santamaria, a third-year Columbia University student.

So in July 2019, Santamaria decided to "detox" social media. I removed the Facebook and Instagram apps from my smartphone and left only the bare minimum tools, such as email, text messages, and my calendar, on the home screen. In the beginning, I was troubled by the fear of being left behind (Fear Of Missing Out: FOMO). I felt like I was disconnected from my friend. But after two weeks, Santamaria realized that she was no longer missing Instagram.

"I realized that I was released when I could control where my attention was directed, and now I'm deciding my own moments of the day," she says.

It's not just Santamaria who is disillusioned with social media, who is now running another social media detox. Instagram and its parent company, Facebook, have been criticized by users, human rights groups, and politicians for tolerating harmful content, particularly promoting anxiety and depression among young people. In 2017,The Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH)For youth mental healthPublished a report that Instagram is the worst SNS.

And at least one study found that teenagers spend less time on social media and more on depression and anxiety.Although there is no direct relevance,He points out that social media can increase the exposure of bullying and reduce sleep and exercise time, which can indirectly affect certain usersThere is also research.

In 2019, there were some moves that technology giants could finally tackle these issues. In the past few months, Instagram and Facebook have started testing non-likes among some users. Instagram also has a Following tab that shows which posts and accounts your friends are responding toDeleted.Instagram alsoCosmetic surgeryAnd plans to keep some minors from posting posts promoting diet products to minors.

目的 But the purpose of these moves is not very clear. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram,He said that hiding Likes could reduce user anxiety and stress,Some experts have questioned whether it was the company's primary purpose.

"There may be an overall tendency to focus on user well-being," said Ofir Turel, associate professor of Information Systems and Decision Science at California State University Fullerton. But he noted, Instagram's move could also be aimed at reducing risk in preparation for intense research. For example, the game "FortniteMaker was sued in 2019 for designing the game as addictive. He said companies like Instagram would want to avoid following a similar fate.

A Facebook representative said the company is testing "hiding likes" because it wants to make Instagram a place where users can express themselves better. This test is not about revenue "

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